SiFi Networks – Corporate


SiFi Networks is an established fiber optic network developer in the USA. Our first projects are backed by a $450m commitment from Whitehelm Capital’s Smart City Infrastructure Fund, with the goal of transforming communities through digital infrastructure.

With each FiberCity™ its own self sufficient business, SiFi’s model is highly scalable, alongside our delivery partners we are currently working with more than 40 cities across the country, covering over 1.5m homes and businesses and are actively expanding the SiFi team.

The US is ranked fourteenth globally for fiber accessibility. Less than 75% of US households have a broadband internet subscription and only 23% of  households have access to fiber to the home.  The US is one of the most attractive markets worldwide for private, disruptive operations.

SiFi Networks is revolutionizing the North American telecoms market by developing 5G, Smart City fiber-ready networks, owning the asset and managing the network. Our network architecture is open access ready, allowing multiple internet service providers to deliver their services upon it.

Our business model presents an unmissable opportunity in a $150 billion market seeing double digit returns for investors from pre-contracted revenues.

SiFi Networks’ private ownership model offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in critical infrastructure, with utility like fundamentals, social impact and huge growth potential.  

Our model has multiple revenue streams, including but not limited to; residential subscription, business subscription, network rental from Smart City applications such as traffic management systems, active alternative applications such as home health monitoring and telecoms carriers connecting their 4G and 5G cell sites.