Municipal Broadband

The timing has never been better for municipal broadband. Communities across America and Europe are seeking ways to bring their towns, villages and cities into the next generation using superfast fiber optic broadband as their platform to grow and regenerate local economies, enhancing the quality of life for their citizens.


Why Should Municipalities Get Involved?

  • Access to communications is an essential part of our modern day lives, just as vital as any other utility and is already being treated as such throughout the rest of the world
  • Fiber networks are expensive and the capital involved is often too great of a barrier for smaller service providers to invest and offer service
  • Through SiFi Networks’ FiberCity™  model, Municipalities are able to make these superfast networks available to their entire community
  • Demand for broadband is growing at an unprecedented rate, are you hearing complaints already about the quality of the internet?


Does that mean increasing taxes?

  • No, SiFi Networks’ model will incur no increase in taxes, only those wishing to subscribe and use the services of the network will pay towards it


Will the municipality be competing with Internet Service Providers?

  • Not necessarily, most commonly we find that municipalities will not be providing service over the network. What they will do is allow private service providers to serve the community cost effectively, including the existing service providers should they so wish


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