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Running our Global Network Operations Centers (GNOC) from offices in USA and UK, SiFi Networks’ capabilities have been built from the same award winning network management architected by Mike Harris the creator of Total Network Solutions (TNS) Managed Services.

TNS were the winners of many awards prior to its acquisition by British Telecom. TNS ran networks for the Abbey National Offshore Banking, BA City Express and many UK ISPs such as Business Net, AOL, Planet Online and Carrier1. Together with a large number of organizations requiring mission critical operations.

SiFi Networks’ GNOC is headed up by David Thomas who is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the organization’s technical infrastructure and the integration of multiple ISPs seeking to deliver value-added services to customers. 

With over 33 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector, David  has a unique level of expertise in the development and implementation of workflows for large service centers specializing in the delivery of high quality customer service.  Formally working at the world-renowned BT Central Operations Unit, David has also been responsible for service development, engineering and customer operations at Carrier1, which operated Europe’s largest telecoms and IP backbone serving over 13 countries with customers such as Telewest and AOL.  In addition, whilst acting as a consultant managing director for a London telecommunications company, he built the voice and data carrier from scratch helping the company to reach an annual turnover exceeding $24 million in short timescales.

SNO provides a complete turnkey solution for our customers.

Turnkey Operations Solution

SNO assumes all responsibilities for the network, from responding to Fiber breaks or faults in the electronics to the provisioning of services to new customers and proactive 24x7x365 monitoring of the network’s performance from their GNOCs as well as backhaul and ISP contract management. Everything a municipality or service provider will require can be managed using SNO.

After many years’ experience running successful networks, SiFi Networks Operations (SNO) ethos is to use open management platforms that are not custom built allowing seamless integration between service delivery platforms and operating equipment.

This ensures that expensive and time consuming bespoking of software and management integration glitches are not encountered. Our time and efforts are spent on the deployment of services measured against our SLAs.

This can been shown by one of our customers, the leading UK web hosting company, Planet Hippo, that has received nineteen customer service awards.

Combining these building blocks aligns and integrates our best practice processes, organization and systems to deliver managed services to our customers in a predictable and replicable way.

Operating 24x7x365, SNO’s support staff will provide a single point of contact, so that all operational communications are clearly defined and tracked by the SiFi Networks’ Operations team.

Through active surveillance of network alarms and events the support staff will assess the impact of incidents using pre-defined procedures to provide a formulated response to alarms or unplanned events.  This includes the correlation of alarms and creation of incident tickets.  SNO is further backed by Nokia’s 24x7x365 advanced technology support team will who provide the next level of operations support for incidents requiring a more detailed problem/resolution analysis.

Any failures in the field, which may involve the replacement of equipment or identifying Fiber breaks, are supported by a trained remote hands technical team operating 24x7x365.

Nokia Managed Services Partner

SiFi Networks’ US projects are further supported by partnering with Nokia Managed Services who bring considerable experience in monitoring and the technical management of FTTH networks. Nokia Managed Services currently supports networks in the US that serve 3m+ subscribers.

Nokia is powering some of the largest and most advanced Fiber networks in the U.S. and the wider world with more than 30 years of experience in providing communications for utility operations and local broadband providers.

Coupled with SiFi Networks’ second to none network architecture, no other supplier can match the breadth, depth of expertise and flexibility in providing solutions for broadband services than the partnership between SiFi Networks and Nokia which enables us to create ultra-fast, multi-layered broadband networks that will serve the communities for decades.

Open Access Resilient Architecture

SNO’s network design provides for a true open access platform that allows customers a great deal of choice enabling them to take multiple services from different providers this includes over the top services such as home automation, security, telemedicine, and e-learning.

Business symmetrical services can be provisioned with a 99.999% SLA delivered over fully diverse paths at speeds up to 20Gbps. Dedicated internet service providers are able to cater to specific business needs such as cloud device provision or inter-site connectivity even when business locations are in different states within the US.

Municipalities can also take dedicated services to support connectivity between fire stations, police departments, libraries and City Hall. City wide CCTV and all other smart city technologies can be supported on a common, independently managed and secure network platform.

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