Benefits of Fiber

SiFi Networks wishes to work with progressive communities that are keen to implement next generation fiber optic infrastructures, as they recognize such assets are crucial to economic development and growth strategies and are not merely an entertainment medium.


  • New residents will be attracted to the area
  • Video calls/face time with no buffering time
  • Stream HD films and catch up TV instantly
  • Quicker upload and download speeds
  • Faster internet browsing
  • Improved gaming experience
  • Improved reliability
  • Remote controlled home security
  • All of the above working simultaneously across multiple devices
  • Wider choice of service providers
  • Potential appreciation of property value


  • Encourage new businesses to the area, resulting in more tax revenues
  • Large data transfer instantly across multiple users
  • Intra-building remote site training department
  • Teleworking and videoconferencing, reducing carbon emissions and costs as well as improving internal communications
  • Start-up, intelligent incubator businesses and hubs
  • Virtual offices
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved data storage
  • Economical hosted applications services

City Wide

  • Educational institutions benefit from improved internet access across schools and universities
  • Library and community center facilities improved for on-line educational courses
  • New educational facilities encouraged to come to your city
  • Police departments have high-quality video connections allowing for a greater number of convictions
  • Better traffic management with automated traffic surveillance systems
  • Fire departments could have the ability to train staff remotely and utilize the reliable communication infrastructure
  • Public Wi-Fi points to serve parks and other public spaces, including underserved and disadvantaged areas
  • Reduce public spending with public smart lighting and waste management
  • Environmental monitoring such as air pollution or forest fire detection
  • Healthcare services have dozens of possible next generation applications and processes
  • Intelligent meter reading and parking meters
  • Wastewater management SCADA connectivity
  • Puts your city on the map

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