What is FOCUS™?

Deployment of Fiber to the Home is costly: Despite traditional methods of deployment becoming increasingly efficient, the levels of capital expenditure on labor intensive and intrusive techniques have often outweighed the benefits that Fiber to the Home offer. SiFi Networks has extensively researched the best means to drive costs down and make the vision of Fiber to the Home a reality sooner rather than later.

FOCUS™ (Fiber Optic Cable Ubiquitous Solution) is SiFi Networks’ complete solution for the physical delivery of Fiber to the Home to towns and cities worldwide.

SiFi Networks’ FOCUS™ system facilitates a sustainable, insurable Fiber to the Home platform through integrating traditional methods of construction and non-proprietary equipment, with proprietary components and our patented Wastewater Fiber Technology.

A key part of FOCUS™ is SiFi Networks’ internationally patented Wastewater Fiber Technology, providing a compelling alternative to conventional core fiber installation techniques by providing a means of running fiber cables through sanitary and storm wastewater networks. While this system does not completely replace conventional techniques it can be used very effectively to reduce costs, shorten deployment times, create a more secure network and minimize disruption to local communities.

The complete solution for the physical delivery of FTTP worldwide

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