SiFi Networks – Municipality

Our Approach

SiFi Networks works with the city to obtain access to citywide public rights-of-way, including permissions on certain construction techniques and expedited permitting processes, to ensure our fiber network passes every building.

Once we have received the rights of way agreement we conduct our detailed analysis of demand as well as cost to construct and operate the network, whilst negotiating agreements with service providers to access the network.

SiFi Networks’ experienced team and partners design, build and operate a network which is available not only for Internet Service Providers, but also for municipal use to support immediate and future efficiencies on IT spend, as well as Smart City infrastructure needs. Our fiber saturates every street of a city with fiber capacity enabling large scale small cell deployments for carriers and their partners alike.

By creating a city wide fiber footprint SiFi Networks helps to close the digital divide, create competition in the market and drive both economic development and innovation.