Closing theDigital Divide

Closing the digital divide has always been at the forefront of our minds. Our aim is to level the playing field, connecting citizens regardless of their income level or background.

Our FiberCity® networks will help bridge the digital divide created by historic inequalities between affluent and low-income neighborhoods. Sadly telecom companies have fuelled this inequality by selective fiber deployment into more affluent areas, deepening the digital divide rather than bridging it.

We want to reverse this trend through our state-of-the-art open access networks, inclusive deployment methods and added-value programs that help lower-income homes get connected, and stay connected. We’re closing the digital divide through:

  • Citywide Construction
  • FiberCity® Aid
  • Digital Inclusion


We aim to build out our networks citywide. This means we lay fiber conduit down every street within the city boundary, passing every residential and business property and placing a connectivity point to allow the property to connect to the network if they so wish. We don’t cherry-pick the affluent areas, we have everyone covered, we give everyone in the city the opportunity to connect.

FiberCity® Aid

We are doing everything we can to ensure the network that is built for everyone can be accessed by everyone. We work with the City to identify those households that may need a little extra help to connect. FiberCity® Aid is a reduced subscription program that we subsidize our internet service providers in order to deliver.

FiberCity® Digital Inclusion

We believe that digital inclusion is one of the most important social factors in today’s society. Our world is now digitally driven, from being able to access your city’s online services to enabling your children to access online learning. It’s not just personal needs, digital inclusion is now an economic imperative in all communities to allow them to thrive now and in the future.

Sustaining a community’s digital future involves buy-in and action from local governments and organizations to strategize to help identify the needs of its community and create action for what can be done to increase digital equity in its community. Our FiberCity® is the epitome of digital sustainability and can have a significant impact on a community which is why we are passionate about getting involved in helping to drive digital inclusion.

SiFi Networks’ Digital Inclusion Program is built on three core pillars: Educate, Enable, and Excite. In collaboration with public libraries and community organizations, the program tailors its support to meet the unique needs of each community. It fosters access to the city-wide fiber network through device donations and tailored educational programs designed to enthuse people about the FiberCity® network, its benefits, job opportunities, and connectivity.

A FiberCity is a smart city - city scape