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SiFi Networks Awarded RFP in Salem, MA

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The city of Salem, MA has awarded SiFi Networks a contract to design and build a fiber optic network that will deliver next generation services and Gigabit internet to the city.

Salem has been keen to bring superfast internet to the city for some time, and following the city’s request for proposals, SiFi Networks gladly submitted theirs along with other developers.

Following a period of review the city unanimously voted for SiFi Networks as its preferred developer.

“We are delighted to have won this contract and are very proud to be the enabler of a brighter economic future for the city as well as assisting with the city’s digital divide” Commented Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO at SiFi Networks America.

SiFi Networks will fund and build a network of symmetrical speeds of 1 Gbps or higher to each home, and to offer a business level of service at similar or higher speeds, utilizing its FOCUS™ system which consists of a number of proprietary and non-proprietary construction techniques to build the fiber infrastructure.

Installation of the network will be carried out in the least invasive manner limiting the impact on city roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure. The process will be fully managed in line with the city engineer to determine the best process for each street ensuring the condition of the roadway is returned to its condition prior to the installation.

The network is a huge step forward for the community and will address the individuals and families not regularly accessing internet due to cost, access, awareness, or equipment issues. This will be achieved through the provision of a level of low-cost or free internet access, and through services to targeted libraries, workforce development centers, community centers and social services training facilities which may also serve as “anchor tenants” for a selected Proposer.

The city of Salem will be able to benefit from streamlined government communications, better access to dynamic educational resources, improved healthcare management and improved public highway and transport services to name just a few.

“SiFi Networks will offer competition to our local internet service provider, giving Salem residents greater choice, strengthening our local economy, and laying the groundwork for many innovative smart city opportunities in the coming years,” commented Salem Mayor, Kim Driscoll.

“The possibilities that a high speed city-wide fiber network present are truly exciting. We’ll continue to work closely with SiFi Networks, community stakeholders, and neighborhood groups to try to ensure that the installation of their network is as minimally disruptive as possible. I am very much looking forward to SiFi Networks getting underway, so we can work together to bring greater competition and choice to Salem residents and businesses.” added Mayor Driscoll.

Businesses in the city will have a platform for growth and greater productivity as well as reliability, improved data storage and better remote communication. This will inevitably attract more businesses to want to operate from the city.

SiFi Networks ask that residents and businesses of Salem go online and register their interest on its website by following this link

An independent detailed feasibility survey will also be carried out amongst the community to establish the demand in the city for this type of network.

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