Why Fiber is King

Monday, October 10, 2022

A recent study by CTC Technology & Energy has analyzed engineering of fixed-wireless technologies, comparing them to fiber to the premises networks, an insightful look into how a fiber network is the most sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • CAPACITY – Fiber’s existing and potential bandwidth is thousands of times higher than wireless, and fixed-wireless networks have capacity limitations that sharply limit the number of users on a network. Fixed-wireless technologies will continue to improve but will not match the performance of fiber-optic networks.
  • CONNECTION – A fiber network can connect every household in a service area but fixed-wireless network need a line-of-sight. Obstructions such as buildings therefore have an adverse effect on fixed-wireless networks.
  • SCALABILITY – Fixed-wireless is only capable of supporting a given amount of network capacity. To increase this capacity is a critical challenge to fixed-wireless deployments, both technically and financially, whereas fiber is easily scalable.
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Fiber is sustainable, scalable, and renewable. It offers greater capacity, predictable performance, lower maintenance costs, and a longer technological lifetime than fixed-wireless technologies.
  • COST – With fiber, you are investing now for the future. Initial capital costs are higher for fiber than for fixed wireless network deployments; most of the capital cost for fiber relates to construction.

Ongoing operational costs for fixed wireless are also higher than for fiber—due largely to the need to regularly replace fixed wireless equipment. For a fixed wireless network, 40 to 80 percent of the capital investment needs to be replaced every five years. Only 1 to 10 percent of the capital cost of a fiber network is replaced every 10 years. (Assuming a 50-year lifetime of fiber plant).

You can read the full report here Fixed Wireless Technologies and Their Suitability for Broadband Delivery,.

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