SiFi Networks is an international fiber optic network developer. We pride ourselves on innovative construction methods, financial modelling and collaboration.

SiFi Networks’ funds, builds and operates community wide state of the art fiber optic networks enabling service providers to deliver dozens of next generation applications including superfast internet, video and phone creating SiFi Networks’ FiberCities™  throughout the USA and Europe.

Dedicated to FTTx network development SiFi Networks has a highly skilled and experienced team to handle each and every facet of a development. Our in house team of engineers, network architects, financial analysts and developers have well over 100 years of experience in the industry between them. SiFi Networks is responsible for influencing significant improvements in economically efficient Microtrenching solutions, blown fiber deployment, Wastewater Fiber Technology, world leading network architecture and innovative financing structures all centered around creating long term sustainable FTTx networks.

In addition to the in house team, SiFi Networks has partnered with established and award winning firms who have unparalleled experience within the construction and operation of FTTx projects.  Our partnerships combined with our founders and team’s unrivalled experience in financing, large scale construction schemes and network operations guarantees successful delivery of any project.


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