SiFi Networks is funding, building and operating city wide, open access, 10 gig enabled fiber networks under its Fibercity® brand.  FiberCities® are the backbone for economic development and are digitally sustainable enabling Smart City applications and a citywide infrastructure footprint that closes the digital divide that is prevalent in US cities.

Who will get access to the network?

We construct citywide networks passing every home and business.  We don’t redline or cherry pick we construct through every street regardless of demographics, enabling every household with the opportunity to connect to the network.

What is an open access network?

An open access network allows multiple  Service Providers, enterprises and  carriers to connect to the network, broadening competition and choice.  

It  negates the need to overbuild instead providing one network for multiple service providers to deliver their services upon to the whole city, and thanks to its future proofed design with superfluous capacity the network is sustainable for generations to come.

Will a FiberCity® help improve broadband options for consumers?

Our open access networks remove monopolistic behaviour in the industry inviting innovation and opportunity to providers of all sizes, stimulating competitive pricing for consumers and better customer service.

How is the network built?

The network is built using microtrenching technology, a minimally invasive method. We dig once, installing access points for Smart City services as we build the network.  By doing this we are laying the foundations for the city to become a Smart City, facilitating economic growth and becoming a fully enabled digitally sustainable city for generations to come.

What is aFiberCity®

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