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What is aFiberCity®?

Albuquerque FiberCity® is more than just a superfast fiber internet connection to homes and businesses. It will futureproof the city for generations to come, bring you more choice of providers, boost its economy and enable Smart City applications to make for an even greater city to live, work and play.

Albuquerque FiberCity® is being built citywide, meaning we pass each and every home and business, enabling every household opportunity to connect, helping to close the digital divide.

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What isThe Plan?

SiFi Networks has been granted access to Albuquerque’s right of ways to build a state-of-the-art community wide, fiber optic network, known as Albuquerque FiberCity®. The network will be privately funded by SiFi Networks and is open access meaning that multiple service providers can deliver their services upon the network.

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How is theNetwork Built?

The network is built using microtrenching technology. The microtrenching machine is specifically designed to cut a 1.25 inch wide by 12 inch deep trench where fiber can be laid. The machine cleans the debris as it cuts so no dust is created, and the machine operates at a low 85 decibels. After the trench is cut, the fiber cables are laid and the trench is reinstated.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

  • Who is SiFi Networks?

    SiFi Networks is an international network developer, who funds, builds and operates community wide state of the art fiber networks enabling Internet Service Providers to deliver next generation applications including superfast internet, video and phone.

  • Is SiFi Networks the Internet Service Provider?

    No, SiFi Networks is not the Internet Service Provider we partner with exceptional Internet Service Providers who have excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

  • What services will the internet service provider offer?

    They will be offering a range of different services from 100MB to 10G. You will be able to choose from internet only to triple play (internet, video and phone).

  • Can I pre-subscribe now? 

    Right now, you can register your interest in receiving service

  • How much will the internet cost? 

    SiFi Networks doesn’t control pricing, but the Internet Service Providers will be competitively priced and provide more choice of service provider to the city.

  • Will fiber be available to every neighborhood in my city?

    We aim to build the network citywide, so that once the network is complete fiber will be available to every neighborhood in the city. If you live in a private development your housing association or landlord will need to provide us with additional permissions before we can bring services in.

  • Are taxpayer's dollars paying for this?

    No. This is a privately funded project with no taxpayer’s dollars used.

  • What is a Fiber optic network?

    Fiber optic networks enable superfast internet, up to 50 times faster than the average household in the USA. Fiber enables next generation services as well as Smart City infrastructure like smart healthcare and education, traffic lights, parking, wastewater and many other features which are beneficial to a municipality.