Construction of Rancho Cordova’s 10 Gig Enabled, Fiber Network to Begin Soon

micro trenching machine

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Rancho Cordova, CA – 8 February 2022 – Construction will soon commence on Rancho Cordova FiberCity®, a 10 gig, citywide, open access fiber optic network.

Residents and businesses of the city can expect to receive a door hanger detailing important information prior to the start of construction in their neighborhood.

Rancho Cordova FiberCity® is privately funded by SiFi Networks and comes at no cost to the taxpayer. It will enable connectivity to every home and business in the city, helping to close the digital divide.

“Shortly after you receive a door hanger you will see us constructing the network past your property. This will be fast and efficient and we will be working hard to ensure that construction of the FiberCity® takes place with minimal disruption to the community” commented John Marchuk, FiberCity® Project Manager.

SiFi Networks will begin construction soon and will work with the city to ensure residents and business are kept up to date with the latest information on the project. We also encourage the community to follow us on our social channels for information.