Decatur IL Takes First Steps to Becoming a FiberCity®

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Decatur has become the latest city to give SiFi Networks permission to its right of ways, to construct its FiberCity® network.

SiFi Networks will privately fund, build and operate the open access, citywide, multi gig fiber network which will be built throughout the city. The citywide infrastructure will help close the digital divide by providing reliable, superfast fiber speed to homes, allowing everyone in the household to browse or stream simultaneously.

The network’s open access credentials will allow for multiple internet service providers to access the network, stimulating competition which brings choice, better prices and great customer service.

“The city of Decatur found in SiFi Networks,” City Manager Scot Wrighton explained, “a broadband partner that worked hard to incorporate and integrate the city’s right-of-way protection goals, Smart City objectives, and rapid deployment timetable into their own corporate plans. The recently approved SiFi Agreement will greatly improve broadband and Internet access in Decatur.”

The network will be the backbone of the city which can help boost economic development by retaining and attracting businesses, creating new business districts and hubs for innovation.

The network will also enable the City of Decatur to implement smart city applications to help improve e-health and e-education for example and create more efficient public services.

“The Decatur FiberCity® will be a sustainable network with superfluous capacity and will be built to support the existing and future digital demands of the city. It will futureproof Decatur for generations to come and make Decatur a great city to live, work and play.” Commented Scott Bradshaw, President SiFi Networks.”

Residents and businesses in Decatur can register their interest in the FiberCity® now for updates on the project.

Decatur is the second city to sign up to SiFi Networks’ FiberCity. Earlier this year Rockford IL also signed up to become a FiberCity®. SiFi Networks is currently building FiberCities® in Fullerton and Placentia CA and will shortly start construction in Salem MA.