East Hartford, CT FiberCity® Project Gets the Green Light

Sunday, August 29, 2021

SiFi Networks is mobilizing its teams to commence deployment of the East Hartford FiberCity® project.

“The network will be a tremendous asset for our community, enabling Internet service providers to deliver gigabit internet, TV and phone service to residents and businesses throughout East Hartford and connecting low-income residents with reliable and affordable broadband with the goal of bridging the digital divide,” said Mayor Marcia Leclerc.

The privately-funded, 10 gig enabled, open access fiber network will pass every home and business in East Hartford, enabling everyone in the town to connect and will help to close the digital divide.

The town will benefit hugely from the network, which will boost economic development, enabling the growth of existing businesses and attracting new ones to operate in East Hartford.

The network will also enable the town to take advantage of Smart City applications to help them achieve their long-term objectives and make the town a great place to live, work and play.

The network’s open access credentials enable multiple service providers to connect to deliver their service. The town will only ever need this network, eradicating the need for other infrastructures to be built.

Construction of the network will be completed in 2023 with the first customers going live in 2022.

There will be multiple service providers, with the first internet service provider accessing the network being Flume Internet, who has been carefully selected to deliver internet services to residents and businesses at competitive prices and with exceptional customer service.

More great news for the town is that up to 3,000 qualifying homes will benefit from deeply discounted gig internet from Flume. Flume is a gigabit internet service provider currently operating in New York City and parts of LA. This will equip the most needing households with access to the superfast network, providing life changing opportunity such as better job prospects and educational resources, not to mention helping to close the digital divide within the town, something SiFi Networks is passionate about.

“Flume is eager to launch its services in East Hartford and cannot wait for the fiber building to commence. We believe that East Hartford residents are going to love the gigabit speeds and premium WiFi management through our app and SMS experience. We thank the town and SiFi Networks for being great partners with us in this initiative” Said Prashanth Vijay, CEO of Flume Internet.

SiFi Networks is currently constructing two FiberCity® networks on the west coast in Fullerton and Placentia, CA. On the east coast, SiFi is due to commence construction in Salem, MA and funds have also been approved to commence a FiberCity® network in Saratoga Springs, NY.

“We are thrilled to be moving forward to mobilize our teams in East Hartford. I would like to thank the town of East Hartford for its enthusiasm and shared vision to help make this project happen” commented Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO SiFi Networks.

It’s not too early to pre-register for service with Flume, East Hartford’s Internet Service Provider at www.flumeinternet.com. Sign up today to get on the priority installation list for Flume home broadband and WiFi.

To find out more about East Hartford FiberCity® please visit www.easthartfordfibercity.com