Fullerton Project Briefing

Thursday, August 03, 2023

The Fullerton FiberCity® is making great progress in bridging the Digital Divide. The network has been installed throughout much of the City, enabling thousands to connect to a next-generation open access network. The privately funded FiberCity® is slated for completion the summer of 2024.  “We are excited about the Fullerton FiberCity®. This network represents years of hard work and vision by so many. Building citywide fiber networks is never easy business— it requires dedicated partners. So, a big thank you to the City of Fullerton, our service providers, and all the folks committed to making this network a reality.” – Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO SiFi Networks

Residents have been enjoying service over the network since 2020. Upon completion, Fullerton FiberCity® will be one of the world’s fastest and most reliable fiber optic networks. It will futureproof the area for generations to come, bring you more choice of providers, boost Fullerton’s economy, and provide Smart City applications to make Fullerton an even better place to live, work and play. “The Fullerton FiberCity® is another amenity for our community. It provides the economic benefits of choice, giving residents and businesses options in service providers. It will act as a foundational piece for our future, enabling new technologies for generations. I’m excited that the completion of the network is near.” – Fred Jung, Mayor City of Fullerton

Be on the lookout for this game-changing network in your area. If you have questions about Fullerton FiberCity® please visit www.fullertonfibercity.com