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Kenosha WI Set to Become a FiberCity™

Friday, September 25, 2020

Kenosha WI, 25th September – The City of Kenosha city council has authorized SiFi Networks with permission for citywide access to the public right-of-way to privately fund and build a FiberCity™ network.

The network will provide residents and businesses with service provider competition and product choice, which includes symmetrical gigabit speed internet and high-capacity fiber to support the city’s Smart City initiatives.

The City of Kenosha is keen to become a Smart City and is dedicated to its technological sustainability as well as addressing the city’s digital divide and social inclusion.

The FiberCity™ will enable them to achieve these goals and once built will provide the anchor for economic development in support of the city’s current expansion plans, while attracting new businesses to the city and helping existing businesses grow.

“Kenosha is committed to its growth and evolution,” Mayor John M. Antaramian said. “This initiative will elevate our city to new heights and anchor our existing plans to develop Kenosha into an efficient Smart City. Additionally, our standing as a FiberCity™ will ensure that highspeed internet service is available across the entire city, so that all Kenosha residents have affordable access to it.”

SiFi Networks will privately fund, build and manage the state-of-the-art network which will provide a future proof, reliable and robust fiber infrastructure.

Our FiberCity™ model is very much aligned with the city’s ambitions and we look forward to working with them to realize their vision” commented Scott Bradshaw, President of SiFi Networks America.

Kenosha FiberCity™ will deliver high speed internet, choice and be a platform for Smart City applications, something that can only be achieved with a ubiquitous fiber infrastructure” added Bradshaw.

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