Margate FL to become a FiberCity®

Margate FiberCity logo

Monday, February 06, 2023

Margate is the First City in the State to Have Signed an agreement for a Citywide Fiberoptic Network, Closing the Digital Divide and Offering 10 Gbps of Speed – Among the Fastest Internet Speeds in U.S.

SiFi Networks, the pioneer of open-access fiber networks in the USA has secured a contract with the City of Margate to deploy its open access, multi gig, all fiber network.

SiFi Networks will fund, build and operate Margate FiberCity®. Built citywide, it will enable all residents and businesses in Margate to access fast, affordable, and reliable fiber service and provide digital equity to the whole city.

All SiFi Networks’ FiberCities® are open access, enabling multiple service providers to deliver service to the city.

“The open access architecture of a FiberCity® creates a healthy competitive environment for service providers, which in turn benefits subscribers through improved customer service and competitive pricing,” commented Scott Bradshaw, President SiFi Networks. “We are thrilled to have Margate approve for us to build out our citywide network, this will secure the digital future of the city and set a bar for other cities in the state to reach.” added Scott.

SiFi Networks is passionate about creating a big impact on communities. With its citywide deployment method FiberCities® promote digital equity, and this is further supported by its FiberCity® Aid program which subsidizes internet subscriptions for homes most in need.

A citywide fiber network such as this can enable a multitude of benefits including economic development and the ability to connect to smart city applications.

For further information on the project and to register your interest, please visit www.margatefibercity.com