Placentia Celebrates Start of FiberCity® Project

Placentia groudn breaking

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The City of Placentia has marked the start of Placentia FiberCity® with a groundbreaking event.

The event which took place at Placentia Civic Center saw City Manager Damien Arrula introduce Councillor Yamaguchi, Geoff Spickler VP of Community Relations, SiFi Networks and Bailey Kline, City Manager of GigabitNow Placentia.

Councillor Yamaguchi opened the event expressing the hard work that has gone into project so far and what the fiber network will bring to the city.

Geoff Spickler of SiFi Networks addressed the attendees, thanking the city for its enthusiasm and tireless efforts to help bring the project to fruition. Geoff spoke about how the citywide open access fiber network will bring economic development, prosperity and improved city service to Placentia, and help close the digital divide within the city, bringing a reliable connection to every home regardless of demographic.

Bailey Kline spoke next on behalf of GigabitNow Placentia, introducing GigabitNow as the city’s internet service provider and thanked the city and SiFi Networks for partnering with them to provide the city’s fiber internet services.

SiFi Networks will shortly begin construction of the fiber network and will work with the city to ensure residents and business are kept up to date with the latest information on the project. For more information please visit