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Rancho Cordova Set to Become a FiberCity™

Monday, June 29, 2020

Rancho Cordova, CA 29th June – The City of Rancho Cordova city council unanimously granted permission to SiFi Networks for access to their entire roadway infrastructure for the construction of a privately funded citywide fiber optic network enabling access to high speed fiber internet to all residents and businesses as well as the opportunity to implement Smart City initiatives.

Rancho Cordova is the second city in Northern California set to become a SiFi Networks’ FiberCity™ with Pittsburg proceeding earlier this year. Both cities will have one of the region’s most sophisticated fiber optic networks. Once built, service providers will be able to deliver high speed internet and other products offerings to the community, enabling more choice for consumers.

Rancho Cordova located in Sacramento County, has always been on the cutting edge of the government’s use of technology winning numerous digital awards. The City is also committed to creating and maintaining an appealing environment for new residents and businesses, offering attractive incentives to encourage them to come and set up in the City.

“The City of Rancho Cordova is thrilled to partner with SiFi Networks to bring a community-wide fiber optic network to all of our residents and businesses. This network would enable Internet Service Providers to deliver lightning-fast gigabit internet, TV and phone service to everyone who lives and works here and would build upon and greatly enhance the technology that already exists here,” said Cyrus Abhar, City Manager.

The City’s vision for their community is well suited to SiFi Networks’ FiberCity™ model. Once built it will promote economic development, enable speed and choice of internet and other product offerings, as well as allow the City to discover the possibility of utilizing the network for Smart City applications.

“SiFi Networks is delighted to partner with the City of Rancho Cordova. Their dedication to incentivize economic development and attract new residents and businesses aligns perfectly with the sophisticated fiber infrastructure that we are looking to construct,” said Scott Bradshaw, President of SiFi Networks America.

“Residents and businesses can look forward to not only receiving high speed internet but also the possibility of Smart City applications that can only be achieved with a fiber infrastructure in place,” added Bradshaw.

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