SiFi Networks’ Deploys Patented Wastewater Fiber Technology in Wichita

Thursday, January 14, 2016

SiFi Networks a global developer and operator of fiber optic networks has had its Wastewater Fiber Technology (WFT) patents granted in the USA and announces its successful deployment in the City of Wichita.

The application of WFT provides a compelling alternative to conventional core fiber installation techniques by providing a unique and simple means of running fiber cables through sanitary and storm wastewater networks. The technology has been proven across 5 continents and today SiFi Networks announces that the technology has completed 3 years of uninterrupted service in the City of Wichita Kansas, USA.

“In 2012, the City of Wichita’s IT Department worked with SiFi Networks to implement a proof of concept in utilizing fiber connectivity through our existing storm or sewer conduits.

Fiber was placed between a Public Works facility (where the City had existing fiber) and a Police Sub-station with additional connection to a Public Works Water Center close by. City IT has not touched this network in over three years since implementation.” Commented Michael Mayta, Chief Information Officer at the City of Wichita.

“After review, Public Works confirmed that there were no negative effects on any conduits utilized and our Water and Police sub-station have benefited from the throughput of a GIG network. The ROI for this project was just over four years, so in late 2016 the project will “pay out” and the City will begin to realize monthly savings.” Added Mayta.

SiFi Network’s technologies have been utilized to deploy cell tower backhaul, point to point fiber connection and metro rings to support last mile networks allowing for greater flexibility in the network design and deployment.

The company has also developed a suite of technologies and construction methods to create a fully warranted last mile (FTTH) system called FOCUS™. Primarily SiFi Networks is using this within their FiberCity™ solution which sees them invest in the infrastructure, operate and maintain the fiber and electronics wholesaling access to municipalities or internet service providers who sell their internet, TV and other services to the residents and businesses within the city.

“ Our wastewater technology lends itself well to the more challenging areas of the build such as rail roads, lakes and business parks within the wider network where there are very few dwellings” commented Jim McBride, Head of Technical Counsel for SiFi Networks.

“By using this technology combined with the traditional techniques it ensures a cost effective and fast deployment whilst creating a highly secure network” added McBride.

With continuing growth in demand for fiber to cell towers WFT opens up new opportunities to expedite 4G and 5G deployments. SiFi Networks’ WFT has been heavily utilized for Fiber to the Cell tower deployments, significantly reducing capital expenditure and time to deploy for hundreds of miles of fiber to cell sites across South Africa. Its applications have been tried and tested over the last decade in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

SiFi Networks, has developed both a turnkey solution including funding for deploying fiber networks for municipalities called FiberCity™ and a suite of 30 year warranted technologies called FOCUS™ of which the WFT is one, giving unprecedented protection and assurances to the Fiber to the Home market.