Simi Valley’s 10 Gig Enabled Fiber Network Gets Underway

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Simi Valley, CA – 17 November 2021 – High speed fiber connectivity is coming to Simi Valley, as construction of its citywide, 10 gig enabled fiber optic network known as Simi Valley FiberCity® is set to begin. The network which is privately funded by SiFi Networks and comes at no cost to the taxpayer will pass every home and business in the city.

Simi Valley FiberCity® will be more than just a high speed fiber internet connection. The open access network is available to multiple providers to deliver service upon, giving consumers more choice. It will also boost economic development and enable the City to implement Smart City applications.  The network will be built citywide giving every household the opportunity to connect and will help to close the digital divide.

“The City Council expects creativity and vision from our staff, and that is what they gave us when they presented a partnership with SiFi Networks back in 2020,” said Mayor Keith Mashburn.  “Our relationship with SiFi began prior to the pandemic, which highlighted the critical need for connectivity. I am proud of the foresight that brought this project to our community at no cost to taxpayers but at substantial benefit to the businesses and residents that call Simi Valley home,” Mayor Mashburn went on to say.

SiFi Networks’ construction partners Lat Long Infrastructure (LLI) will begin construction of the fiber network in December 2021. Residents and businesses will receive a door hanger prior to construction starting in their street and the first customers will begin enjoying high-speed, reliable fiber connectivity with no delays or buffering in 2022. Once complete Simi Valley FiberCity® will benefit over 47,600 homes and businesses.

“Simi Valley FiberCity® will bring the community into the future of connectivity with super-fast speeds and reliable service citywide. Our open access network will offer choice through our exemplary Internet Service Providers” commented Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO, SiFi Networks.

Flume Internet and GigabitNow have been carefully selected as the first Internet Service Providers on the Simi Valley FiberCity® network.

“GigabitNow is very excited to have the opportunity to serve the residents of Simi Valley, California, with fast, reliable fiber Internet service,” said Stephen Milton, CEO of GigabitNow. “GigabitNow’s Internet and customer service surpass what is available in the city today with our Internet services designed to meet the demands of residents and businesses well into the future with multi-gigabit speeds.”

Selected for their proven track record in excellent customer service and their wide range of product offerings at competitive prices. SiFi Networks confidently looks forward to introducing them to Simi Valley residents and businesses.

“Flume is very excited to partner with SiFi on this open access fiber system, to bring the residents of Simi Valley better and more reliable internet options.”  Commented Prashanth Vijay, CEO of Flume Internet. “With our gigabit speeds, Wi-Fi app and mesh routers, we want to bring the residents and businesses of Simi Valley the premium home broadband experience they deserve.”

Residents and businesses will have the opportunity to meet their Internet Service Providers at the weekly Eat & Greet Taco Truck event which will start in 2022 and will follow the construction route. Here the community will also have the opportunity to meet the FiberCity® team to ask any questions on construction and the FiberCity® project, while enjoying a taco on us!

We welcome you to stay up to date on construction and events by following Simi Valley FiberCity® on our social channels and also visiting our website

SiFi Networks is currently in construction in two other Californian cities. Fullerton now has many homes and businesses connected to the FiberCity® network while construction of Placentia FiberCity® is also underway with the first homes due to be connected in 2022.