Thursday, August 17, 2023

Up to 10 Gbps Enabled Open Access Fiber Network Passing Every Home and Business – The Fastest Available in the U.S.

(Placentia, CA—August 17, 2023) At a community celebration last night, Mayor Ward Smith, District 5, Mayor Pro Tem Jeremy Yamaguchi, District 3 of the City of Placentia and Marcus Bowman, community relations manager at SiFi Networks, jointly announced the launch of the first live neighborhood in Placentia FiberCity®. This revolutionary infrastructure project aims to make a fast, affordable, and reliable all-fiber internet network available to every home, business, and institution in Placentia.

The circa $35 million project is privately funded and will provide access to all of Placentia’s circa 20,000 homes, businesses, and institutions with speeds up to 10 Gbps, among the fastest residential speeds available in the United States. Notably, the Placentia FiberCity® project is an Open Access network, a successful model in other regions of Western United States and across Europe. Open Access allows fiber infrastructure to be shared by multiple service providers, whether that be internet or other services, thereby delivering the fastest speeds at the most competitive prices to the consumer. Like all SiFi Networks’ fiber builds in the U.S., the Placentia FiberCity® project will be constructed with no cost to taxpayers.

“The City of Placentia is excited to be going live with the first neighborhood in the Placentia FiberCity® project in partnership with SiFi Networks to provide citywide access to the nation’s fastest internet speeds and to bring equitable access to broadband,” said Mayor Smith. “This citywide fiber network will bring much needed infrastructure and enable Smart City applications, economic growth, and help to close the digital divide.”

“We stand at the threshold of a transformative moment for our City with the launch of the Placentia FiberCity® project. By fostering this digital infrastructure, we are fostering a more resilient, prosperous, and interconnected Placentia. Our partnership with SiFi Networks demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation in serving the greater good,” said Mayor Pro Tem Yamaguchi. “With this state-of-the-art fiber optic broadband network, we are breaking down barriers and providing equal footing to every resident and business in Placentia.”

Marcus Bowman, SiFi Networks’ community relations manager remarked: “We are now in the installation phase of the project and are ramping up crews to meet demand. Placentia FiberCity® will serve as a major economic driver for this city and the surrounding region, enhancing business development and bridging the digital divide for all residents.”  Bowman added, “residents and businesses are encouraged to visit GigabitNow’s dedicated Placentia site,, to sign up for service.