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What is Fiber?

Fiber optic networks enable superfast internet, television and phone services to their subscribers- upto 50 times faster than the average household in the USA

What is Focus™?

FOCUS™ is a unique and specifically developed construction and design methodology created and owned by SiFi Networks for large scale fiber to the home networks. It includes internationally patented technologies.

Can our city own the network?

Yes after an agreed number of years your city can own the network.

Can more than one Internet Service provider utilize the network?

SiFi Networks’ prefers to have more than one service provider utilizing the network as this means more choice for the city.

How long will it take to build?

This is dependent upon a number of factors which are not limited to allowable construction techniques, permitting processes, number of construction crews at any one time, size of community, local climate and city council support.

Is SiFi Networks an Internet Service Provider?

SiFi Networks is an infrastructure developer; therefore, each FiberCity™ Open Access network will allow one or more municipal or private internet service providers to offer multiple services to any connected subscriber.

Does SiFi Networks build their networks under the fiberhood model, building only where pre-registrations justify your investment?

SiFi Networks agrees to offer fiber connectivity to every premise within the city during the build-out to ensure there is no demographic segmentation.

Will everyone be connected to the network?

A FiberCity™ network passes every single premise throughout an entire city, village or town and allows each premise the option to receive fiber connectivity during the build-out or at a later date.

Are your networks open access?

A FiberCity™ network can be used by a single Internet Service Provider or many, with each model dependent upon the direction chosen by your city council and SiFi Networks

What speeds will the network offer?

A FiberCity network is built from the outset to enable Internet Service Providers to offer subscribers up to 1 gigabit internet connectivity and multi-gig specialized services.

How does SiFi Networks decide upon which cities to work with ?

The latest demographic census data along with community initiatives, impact studies your city council may have already undertaken to determine your community’s interest in receiving a next generation network and also research of existing service providers and their product offerings.

What is wastewater fiber technology?

The patents, know and use of the this proprietary technology was purchased by SiFi Networks from a UK company in 2013, and is one of the construction techniques within our FOCUS™ system portfolio. It’s used only within main lines of sanitary and or storm water systems and is an alternative technique to bypass prohibiting construction challenges, when needed and where approved.

Do you use or need residential tax payer dollars to fund your networks?

Each FiberCity™ network constructed is 100% privately financed and is not dependent tax payer dollar commitments

What commitments from the city does SiFi Networks need to build a network throughout my community?

SiFi Networks provides a downloadable pre-questionnaire document for your city council to complete, allowing us to determine your community’s interest in our FiberCity™ offering and which model would be most advantageous for the city.

How future proof is the network and the equipment ?

Each FiberCity™ network is built for tomorrow and not for today, thereby ensuring our infrastructure and continually refreshed equipment is ready to support the increasing and expected demands for next generation services.

How does SiFi Networks intend to serve areas of the community that are earmarked for new business, housing developments or regeneration projects?

During the initial planning of a FiberCity™ network, SiFi Networks works closely with the Economic Development department of your city to understand the city's Economic Master Plan, ensure all future Greenfield and existing Brownfield sites are catered for in the build-out, as the FiberCity™ network will be an overbuilt infrastructure to support economic development.

What is the smallest size community you would build?

Dependent upon the FiberCity™ model chosen by your city council and financial structure, SiFi Networks could work with communities of only a couple thousand premises

How do I convince SiFi Networks to come to my city ?

Complete the downloadable pre-questionnaire document, assign a city official single point of contact (SPOC) and tells us what a FiberCity™ infrastructure would do to your community!

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