Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is SiFi Networks?

    SiFi Networks is North America’s leading privately owned telecoms  company that is funding, building and operating open access fiber  networks across the US, providing freedom of choice and excellent  customer service. 

    Our 10 gig enabled fiber networks deliver digitally connected and sustainable cities while closing the digital divide. 

  • What is a fiber optic network?

    Fiber optic networks enable superfast internet, television and phone services to their subscribers upto 50 times faster than the average household in the USA. They also enable numerous next generation services as well as Smart City infrastructure like smart healthcare and education, traffic lights, parking, wastewater and many other features which are beneficial to a municipality. 


  • What is a FiberCity®?

    A SiFi Networks’ FiberCity® is a privately owned, open access fiber optic infrastructure which passes every single home and business that it passes in the City delivering gigabit internet speeds as well as providing the foundation ready to support the delivery of secure high availability of services which a municipality can leverage for Smart City applications and initiatives. 

  • What is an open access network?

    A network which allows multiple Internet Service Providers, enterprises and  carriers to connect to the network, broadening competition and choice.  

  • Why is this such an important project for the City?

    The network will future proof the city and can fast track economic growth, it will also help to close the digital divide by providing every home in the city with affordable broadband access. The network will attract new businesses and residents and allow Smart City applications to improve and assist everyday life. 

  • How will the FiberCity® benefit me?

    Your household can stream, play and download consecutively without buffering. Outside of the home Smart City applications will provide numerous benefits such as traffic management, smart bus stops and smart parking to name a few. If you work in the city the network will prove essential for a business’s efficiency and growth. 

  • How long will it take to build?

    This is dependent upon a number of factors; allowable construction  techniques, permitting  processes, number of construction crews at any   one time, size of community, local climate and city council support. 

  • Will fiber be available to every neighborhood?

    Once the network is complete fiber will be available to every neighborhood helping to close the digital divide within the city. If you live in a private development your housing association or landlord may need to provide us with additional permissions before we can bring services in. 

  • Are taxpayer's dollars paying for this?

    No. This is a privately funded project with no taxpayer’s dollars used.

  • Is SiFi Networks the Internet Service Provider?

    No, SiFi Networks is not the Internet Service Provider we partner with exceptional Internet Service Providers who have excellent customer service and competitive pricing. 

  • Who are the Internet Service Providers?

    SiFi Networks finds the best Internet Service Providers for your city. Our aim is to partner with Internet Service Providers who will offer excellent customer service levels, competitive prices and a wide selection of product offerings. 

  • Can more than one Internet Service Provider utilize the network?

    Yes. SiFi Networks prefers to have more than one Internet Service Provider on the network as this means more choice for residents and businesses. 

  • What services will they be offering?

    They will be offering a range of different services from 100MB to 10G. You will be able to choose from internet only to triple play (internet, video and phone). 

  • Can I pre-subscribe now?

    You need to check on your city’s page on this website to find out more information.

  • How much will the internet cost?

    SiFi Networks doesn’t control pricing, but the Internet Service Providers will be competitively priced and provide more choice to your city. 

  • How reliable will the service be?

    We’ve built this network to last! Your FiberCity® has been designed to be one of the most reliable networks in the world. Outages will be far rarer than you are used to. 

  • I live in a HOA; how do I get connected?

    You must speak to your HOA committee to express your interest for a fiber  connection, also speak to your neighbors and create demand for your  HOA! For further info please contact Geoff  Spickler 

  • I live in a rented property; how do I get connected?

    You must speak to your landlord as they will need to give us permission to  access your property to connect you. If you live in a complex, speak to  your neighbors and create demand for your building! For further info  please contact Geoff Spickler 

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