SiFi Networks is revolutionizing the US telecom market through privately funding, building and operating citywide, open access, 100% fiber networks.

Under its FiberCity® brand SiFi is laying the foundations for cities to thrive for generations to come. Its resilient and reliable network is designed in such a way that it has unlimited capacity, so we dig once to deliver a sustainable network that is as relevant today as it will be for the next generation.

We construct our network past every home and business within a city. 

We don’t discriminate against low socio-economic areas, we are passionate about closing the digital divide and providing fair access to everyone.

Our 10 gig enabled network delivers superfast fiber to homes and businesses as well as providing connectivity for Smart City and next generation services.

Our networks are open access which brings a plethora of benefits that incumbent networks don’t provide.

Benefits of an

Open Access Network

All of OUR FiberCitIES® are open access.
  • Dig Once

    We construct one network for all service providers negating the need to overbuild which causes extensive damage and repeat disruption to cities.

  • One network for all providers

    The network has unlimited capacity for internet and next generation services now and forever. 

  • Sustainable

    You will only ever need a FiberCity® network for all current and future needs, our networks are resilient and reliable and designed in such a way it has superfluous capacity.

  • 10 gig enabled

    Gigabit speeds future proof bandwidth and connectivity for years to come.

  • Smart City

    Enables Smart City and IoT applications creating great cities to work, live and play in.

  • Boost Economic Development

    Fiber networks drive economic development and provide opportunities for cities to grow.

  • Increases city revenues

    Providing new revenue streams via increased economic development and access to Smart City applications.

  • Privately funded

    Funding, building and operating 100% fiber networks citywide.

  • Happy Customers

    We promote a healthy non monopolistic playing field for all providers which drives competitive prices and great customer service.

  • Reduces barriers to market entry for service providers of all sizes

    Our open access networks enable service providers of all sizes the opportunity to access new markets without the cost of constructing a network. 

  • No build or maintenance costs for service providers

    Our open access networks mean the ISP can concentrate on delivering a great broadband service not on construction.

  • Promotes healthy non monopolistic competition

    Sharing a common infrastructure means competition is centered around providing the best service and customer support.




Currently 4 broadband providers serve 82 million homes in the US. This monopoly is incubating unfair prices to customers and negating the power of choice.

It’s time to make a stand against this activity. We can make this change through our state of the art open access networks- one citywide fiber network that multiple service providers can join and deliver next generation services to residents and businesses creating more choice in the market place for consumers while allowing smaller service providers the opportunity to access new geographies without the cost of construction.


Just 4 companies share

82 Million subscribers



Our mission is to revolutionize the industry, promoting healthy competition that offers choice of providers and drives better customer service. This is achievable through our three-layer model which can shape how the industry operates, breaking down the traditional monopoly in a broadband network and separating it into three entities:

Management / Infrastructure Company

builds and owns the fiber in the ground

Operating Company

Manages the active electronics on the network

Service Providers

deliver retail services to customers

About the


With backgrounds and experiences from renowned telecommunications companies, Finance Houses and leading construction companies  we offer a wide range of experience with specialist knowledge to ensure a successful delivery.

In addition to our team, SiFi Networks has partnered with established and award winning firms who have unparalleled experience within the construction and operation of FTTx projects.

Our partnerships combined with our founder’s and team’s experience in financing, large scale construction schemes and network operations guarantees successful delivery.

Become a


If you would like to find out more about becoming a FiberCity® contact SiFi Networks TODAY

Become a


If you would like to find out more about becoming a FiberCity® contact SiFi Networks TODAY