What is a

Smart City?

High Definition CCTV Monitoring

Provide cities with real time surveillance in public spaces detecting dangerous situations, identifying crimes and also discouraging crimes with warning sounds

Drone Security

Drones can help with crowd control situations and can assist emergency services to support first responders and assist fire fighters to identify where a fire is spreading to

Smart Lighting

Can help a city become more energy efficient


Enables teachers to use videos, apps, podcasts & online resources to share documents as well as allowing students to upload homework for marking and link back into school systems for a more interactive, collaborative and visual way of learning

Water Waste

Monitoring can help a city’s environmental strategy, detecting leaks and drain overflows as well as helping citizens realize their water usage

Interactive Billboards

Equip city officials with the ability to provide residents and tourists with essential information from one central place

Earthquake Tremor Detection

Systems provide early alerts and warnings to smart devices before they hit saving buildings from collapsing and enabling people to evacuate locations

Public WiFi

Technology provides remote connectivity throughout high footfall areas of a city

Traffic Management

Uses data that allows for the organization, management and adjustment of city traffic providing alternative routes and recording of congestion


Monitoring in public areas of the city where there is a higher level of waste can help reduce pests and make a more efficient collection and recycling strategy

Smart Parking

Capability allows connected cars to find and pay for parking spaces quickly therefore reducing traffic build up and providing real time data for the car park operator

Ground Sensor Monitoring

Technology can detect early signs of ground pollution and leaks, minimizing risk of extreme damage

Public Interactive Communication Points

Or smart city kiosks provide citizens and tourists with important information such as announcements, transport updates and acts as a tourist information point

SiFi Networks’ FiberCities® are built with smart city connectivity, allowing municipalities and service providers to implement Smart City initiatives that help meet their city’s needs.

Municipalities can make a big difference to their residents’ quality of life by connecting assets to record, analyze and improve city services making it an attractive place to live, work and play.

As well as attracting new residents to the city a Smart City can also attract new businesses that want to take advantage of all that an innovative city can offer and can even create new business districts.

A smart, more informed city means cost savings can be made.

A Smart fibercity®

A Smart City is a city that embraces the digital age and the Internet of Things phenomenon. It electronically connects its city’s assets to record and analyze data.

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If you would like to find out more about becoming a FiberCity® contact SiFi Networks TODAY

Become a


If you would like to find out more about becoming a FiberCity® contact SiFi Networks TODAY