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Comsof Announces Partnership with SiFi Networks for FiberCities® Expansion

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Toronto, Canada 18th March 2021 – Comsof is pleased to partner with SiFi Networks to support the rollout of their US city-wide fiber network deployments, through utilizing Comsof’s planning and design software solutions.

Comsof will be supplying the design work for the pre- and post-funding element of a city, providing SiFi Networks with an accurate and feasible network design. This can then be used as a tool to determine whether a city qualifies to be a self-funding city and provide a strong business case before financial approval is obtained for its open access full fiber based broadband networks.

Using automated design software Comsof lays out and designs the routes the fiber will take through a City, providing a bill of materials and the location of the fiber runs in the metro and distribution layers. This optimization gives accurate and reliable results and will allow SiFi Networks to select the best routes and equipment required to complete a city network design quickly, saving time and increasing revenue for the business.

“We recognize the Comsof platform as a very professional and credible tool that will fulfill our requirements” Mike Harris, Co-Founder of Sifi Networks commented “We would like to thank Kevin Wynne for his involvement in helping to articulate a commercial package which works for SiFi Networks and its designer NetPMD”

The network and planning design process will be leveraged through SiFi Networks’ designer NetPMD Ltd who will work alongside Comsof on all upcoming cities.

Mike Mason, CEO of NetPMD said “In order to accurately predict the economic viability of an area we need precise cost estimates. The Comsof software will allow us to simulate whether a city qualifies for the financial tests to become a self-funding city. We are extremely pleased to be working with SiFi and Comsof and utilize their products to fulfil our city contracts”.

“From a design and integration perspective Comsof software will be the cornerstone of our designs moving forward” comments David Seematter CEO of NetPMD Solutions Ltd.

Kevin Wynne Head of Comsof Americas said “Comsof is thrilled to be working with SiFi Networks and NetPMD to help increase the trajectory of the FiberCities® expansion. Both organizations have a depth of knowledge and experience in the FTTx industry, which make them the ideal partners. We believe that open access networks are well suited for the United States, and SiFi’s ‘dig once’ philosophy ensures that each resident in a FiberCity® will have access to gigabit connectivity.”

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