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What is aFiberCity®?

Oceanside FiberCity® is more than just a superfast fiber internet connection to homes and businesses. It will futureproof the area for generations to come, bring you more choice of providers, boost its economy and enable Smart City applications to make for a great city to live, work and play.

We aim to build the Oceanside FiberCity® network citywide, enabling every household opportunity to connect, helping to close the digital divide.

What are the benefits of living in a FiberCity®?

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

  • Who is the internet service provider?

    Oceanside FiberCity® is providing residents throughout the city with an exceptional Internet Service Provider, T-Mobile Fiber, who prides itself on delivering the best internet possible.

    Click here to learn more and check eligibility.


  • What will a subscription cost?

    It depends on what service you subscribe to with your internet service provider, but you can expect competitively priced subscriptions upon a superfast, reliable network. Please visit our internet service provider’s website for pricing.

  • Is this a City project?

    This is not a City project, this circa $120 million investment in your city is being privately funded by SiFi Networks which will digitally sustain your city’s future for generations to come.

  • I am a business, can I connect to the FiberCity® network?

    Yes! The network is available to business premises in the city. Please register your interest for business services!

  • I live in a HOA can I get connected?

    Your HOA Board needs to give us permission to build in your HOA as they are private streets. Speak to your board to see if they have signed up yet, and if not ask then to contact

    For further information please visit our HOA page.

  • I live in a multiple dwelling unit can I get connected?

    Yes! With a simple Right of Entry (ROE) contract with you landlord/property management we can bring fiber to your community! Speak to your landlord/property management company to see if they have signed up yet, and if not ask then to contact

    For further information please visit our MDU page.