Constructionin your street

Ground level chambers get installed before the construction crews come through to trench.  Chambers are 24” x 36” and are installed in the soft or hard scape.

The Microtrencher is the work horse and follows the GPR markings, cutting only the road surface, avoiding utilities. It cuts a 1.25 inch wide by 12 inch deep trench in the roadway next to the curb.

Our machine’s blade cuts at a high speed with precision, ensuring a clean cut. Cracking of the road beyond the trench is highly unlikely from this activity.

After the trench has been cut, the fiber conduit is laid inside the trench and the trench is reinstated. Only once service is requested by a resident the fiber will be blown through the conduit to enable connectivity to the property.

Laterals bring the fiber from the mainline trench to your property. Crews open up lateral pathways under the curb, across soft scape and under sidewalks to your property line.


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