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What is aFiberCity®?

Rancho Cordova FiberCity® is more than just a superfast fiber internet connection to homes and businesses. It will futureproof the area for generations to come, bring you more choice of providers, boost its economy and enable Smart City applications to make for a great city to live, work and play.

Rancho Cordova FiberCity® is being built citywide, meaning we pass each and every home and business, enabling every household opportunity to connect, helping to close the digital divide.

What are the benefits of living in a FiberCity®?

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Rancho Cordova FiberCity® is providing residents and businesses throughout the city with an exceptional Internet Service Provider, GigabitNow, who pride themselves on delivering the best internet service possible. You can find out more about GigabitNow below.



What are the benefits of living in a FiberCity®?

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

  • The work in my area does not look finished, when will this be completed?

    Please take a look at these temporary and complete pictures to see what full remediation looks like and when this will happen. View Doc.

  • Who is the Internet Service Provider on the network and what are they offering?

    GigabitNow is the internet service provider on the Rancho Cordova FiberCity® network. Please take a look at their website for all of the services they will offer to residents and businesses in Rancho Cordova and sign up! find out more.

  • Can I sign up for service now?

    Yes, you can sign up now!

  • How is the project being built?

    With a microtrenching machine we will cut a thin shallow trench in the roadway close to the curb, where we will lay the fiber conduit. We will then refill the trench and reinstate the road. We aim to be past your home in just one day. You may see us again at a later date removing utility markings the rain has not washed off.

  • Can I still park in the street during construction?

    Please ensure you pay careful attention to the parking restrictions that will be in place.

  • Are Tax payer dollars paying for this?

    No. This is a privately funded project with no tax payer’s dollars used.

  • Will fiber be available to every neighborhood in Rancho Cordova?

    Once the network is complete fiber will be available to every neighborhood in Rancho Cordova, helping to close the digital divide.

  • How do i get connected?

    Sign up with your internet service provider GigabitNow and they will inform you as soon as service is available at your home, they will work with you to establish a time that is suitable for your install.

  • Do I need to be at home during the installation of the equipment? If so how long will it take?

    Yes there must be someone over the age of 18 at home at the time of installation. Install teams will call you to schedule a time that is convenient for you to come and install your equipment. Installation takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours.