Constructionin your street

Ground level chambers get installed up to two weeks before the construction crews come through to trench/bore.  Chambers are 24” x 36” and are installed in the soft or hard scape.

Prior to the HDD machines coming through, our team will start by potholing to locate gas utilities.

Using the HDD machines crews bore under driveways, trees, ADA ramps, intersections, and roads.  You will see black pipe sticking out of the ground about 4-10”, the pipes will be marked by reflective stakes, cones, or paint.  These will be buried after the trench crews complete the trenching and microduct installation.

Trenching crews follow the HDD machines creating a trench in the parkway.  Microduct is placed in the trench and soil is backfilled.  Within a few days, the restoration crew will return to complete the remediation which includes dirt grading, placement of grass seed, and bio-degradable straw matting.

Ground level Toby boxes will also be installed by the trench crews. These are used to route the service line for your home to be connected to the network. Toby boxes are about the same size as a cell phone and are placed at your property’s boundary in the public right of way.


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