What is aFiberCity®?

Rockford FiberCity® is more than just a superfast fiber internet connection to homes and businesses. It will futureproof the area for generations to come, bring you more choice of providers, boost its economy and enable Smart City applications to make for a great city to live, work and play.

Rockford FiberCity® is being built citywide, meaning we pass each and every home and business, enabling every household opportunity to connect, helping to close the digital divide.

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We’re passing by every home and business in Rockford – laying the fiber infrastructure the city needs to ensure EVERYONE has access to gigabit speeds.

But if you’re a tenant we need your Property Manager’s permission to enter the property. So we need your help!

If you are a tenant in an apartment, townhouse, condo, any other multi dwelling unit, or if you live in a HOA contact your property manager to tell them you want fiber! And tell your neighbors to do the same. Click on the button to find out more and equip yourself with the important information you need to share with your property manager.

How is theNetwork Built?

You may see SiFi’s construction partners from Always Underground Inc (AUI) in your neighborhood. The construction team is burying conduits in a trench in the parkway behind the curb.  You may also see ground level chambers being installed.

Our installation area encompasses the parkway, driveways, sidewalks, and roadways and we strive to construct with care. SiFi Networks shall be responsible for maintaining and repair of sidewalk joints, driveways and the parkway impacted by SiFi Networks’ construction, from the edge of the public right of way to and between the curb, and to the private property line.

You will receive this Door Hanger when construction is due to start in your street! You can find information to help restoration of the parkway here.