Over a Third of Fullerton’s FiberCity® Network is Now Built

Thursday, January 27, 2022

The last couple of years has been an incredibly exciting time for Fullerton as the Fullerton FiberCity® has rolled out across the west side of the city.

The pandemic has put a spotlight on exactly why cities like Fullerton with a plethora of businesses and varied workforce needs to be supported with a high-speed fiber infrastructure that lets people work from home as well as support the increased demand of online resources to facilitate home learning.

Our construction crews have now built 35% of the full fiber network in Fullerton, and we have lit 9,000 of these addresses with fiber. These addresses can now sign up for service from one of our Internet Service Providers to start enjoying the benefits of a high-speed fiber network, where you can stream, browse, work and game upon multiple devices all under one roof!

You can sign up to one of our Internet Service Providers at www.fullertonfibercity.com, and be sure to follow our social media pages to find out the location of our weekly Taco Truck event, where you can meet your Service Providers as well as the FiberCity® team and ask any question you have about the project while enjoying a taco on us.

The Fullerton FiberCity® is a citywide network and soon every home and business will be able to connect to service.

Fullerton FiberCity® Facts:

– We only dig once to deliver this sustainable network.

– The network has superfluous capacity

-As we build, we are laying connectivity for smart city applications throughout the city

-The network will boost the local economy

-The network helps to close the digital divide by giving the ability for everyone in Fullerton to connect. This is further enhanced by affordable connectivity programs to offer lower subscription rates to those most in need.