Remediationof the Work Area

Remediation takes place once the trench has been cut and the fiber conduit has been laid. The trench is filled in with sand and compacted, covering the fiber conduit in the trench. Fresh concrete is then put on top of the sand and allowed to dry.

Soft scape laterals are restored with sand, dirt, and grass seed. You can assist in the restoration of the soft scape by watering the area to encourage grass growth.

We put our best efforts in to ensure we remediate our work area to the best of our ability, however if you have any concerns, please contact us.

A reinstated trench next to the curb

A reinstated trench next to the curb


How you can help restoration of soft scape!

We will remediate any work in the softscape with sand, dirt and lay grass seed on top. You can water the restored area to help encourage grass growth!

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