SiFi Networks – Corporate

Our FiberCities®

SiFi Networks is delivering open access fiber networks right across the US called FiberCities®, called so because fiber passes every single home and business in the city and Smart City access points are put in place as standard, developing a future proofed city for generations to come.

We are big advocates of dig once and only once, therefore removing costs and disruption that could be associated with future connectivity, and by operating the network independently of any end service provision it removes the requirement for others to go to the expense and disruption of building separate networks.

As we pass along every street we put in access points for Smart City applications giving the city or enterprises the ability to host Smart City applications such as traffic light or street light management, public transport applications, first responder communications, air quality monitoring and water leak detection to assist commuters and so much more, the list is endless.

Residents living in a FiberCity® will receive superfast internet to their home where multiple devices can be used at the same time with no latency. It also means that outside of the home residents benefit from Smart City initiatives, and reap the rewards of living in a progressive city, making life easier and more informed.

As a business operating in a FiberCity® faster connections with no latency makes for efficient day to day operation creating cost efficiencies and increasing productivity. Data storage is far more secure and video conferencing is easier to name just a few of the perks. The important overarching outcome is that businesses will have the infrastructure to enable growth.

A FiberCity® is therefore, very attractive to new residents and businesses, stimulating real estate and commercial letting opportunities which in turn drives development of new homes and commercial buildings, stimulating jobs, increasing the city’s capacity to support growing populations as urbanization perpetuates.