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Smart City/IOT

High Definition CCTV Monitoring
Drone Security
Municipal Close Loop Network
Perimeter Access Control
Interactive Billboards
Earthquake Tremor Detection
Public WiFi
Traffic Management
Pollution Monitoring
Smart Parking
Ground Sensor Monitoring
Public Interactive Communication Points

A Smart City is a city that embraces the digital age and the Internet of Things phenomenon. It electronically connects its city’s assets to record and analyze data. This data is then scrutinized so to assist the asset’s function resulting in its ability to make improvements to it that benefit the city. This asset could be anything from the traffic light system to an earthquake tremor monitor to record and signal alerts in advance of major seismic events. Smart City applications are pivotal in equipping cities with what they need to provide for their citizens. From water and waste management, e-health, e-education to emergency services, Smart City applications can help to improve the quality of lives of residents, while creating more sustainable and safer cities. Cities which have adopted Smart City applications have seen a 30-40% reduction in crime due to real time crime mapping and predictive policing.

Smart City applications are readily available, however cities need the fiber optic infrastructure to implement them. SiFi Networks’ fiber networks have the ability to deliver the Smart City strategy for their FiberCities®.