SiFi Networks’ CEO in Fiber Under 40 Nominations

Friday, November 25, 2022

SiFi Networks’ CEO Ben Bawtree-Jobson has been recognized in the Fiber Broadband Associations’ Fiber Under Forty list.

Ben became CEO of SiFi Networks nearly a decade ago at the age of 25. Since joining the company, he has been instrumental in its formation and growth as it has raised nearly $2 billion towards building privately-financed large scale multi-tenant open access networks in the United States.

This year, SiFi Networks has now struck deals with over 30 cities to build open access networks.

Ben has also championed SiFi’s FiberCity® Aid program to help households most in need to benefit from a subsidized subscription. The combination of SiFi Networks’ citywide infrastructure and FiberCity® Aid subsidized rates will help to close the digital divide, giving digital equality for the entire community, which has a knock-on effect of positive social change.

“I am thrilled to be recognized in the top 25 of nominees in the Fiber Under 40” commented Ben.

“SiFi Networks is a pioneer in privately financed open access networks that deliver a sustainable network that will make long-lasting social change, giving opportunity that can change lives, and that is what is driving my passion to deliver FiberCity® networks throughout the United States”.

Fiber Under Forty recognizes the young, emerging leaders within its ranks, shining a spotlight on individuals recognized by their companies and peers as making substantial contributions to their organizations and to the community at large.

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