East Hartford FiberCity®, CT
Internet Service Provider

East Hartford FiberCity® is providing residents and businesses throughout the city with an exceptional Internet Service Provider, Flume Internet, who prides itself on delivering the best internet service possible. You can find out more about Flume Internet below.

  • Flume Internet

    Flume Internet

    Flume Internet is a fiber home broadband provider looking to bring homes more options! The company has rapidly connected thousands of homes since launching in the Northeasts and we are very excited to bring those services to East Hartford, CT. We believe that the residents of East Hartford deserve our premium gigabit internet and WiFi services for lower cost and higher reliability than their current options. In addition the signup process takes under 5 minutes and all support and communications happens via SMS so that you have no headaches or hassles in signing up with the service. Get ready to experience the future of fiber today by signing up at www.flumeinternet.com/cities/east-hartford-ct!

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