Kenosha FiberCity®, WI
Business Internet Service Providers

Kenosha FiberCity® is providing businesses throughout the city with exceptional Internet Service Providers, Coextro and SUMOFIBER, who pride themselves on delivering the best internet possible. You can find out more below!



    Experience the Ultimate Internet with SUMOFIBER

    Elevate your digital lifestyle with SUMOFIBER’s lightning-fast internet, crystal-clear phone service, and extensive TV options. Enjoy the ultimate internet experience with the fastest speeds, exceptional reliability, and top-notch Wi-Fi. Our 24-hour customer service ensures you receive the best internet possible at the best price. Available in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, Florida, and now Wisconsin! SUMOFIBER is your gateway to seamless streaming, gaming, and work-from-home experiences. Dive into the future of communication with our cutting-edge fiber network.

  • Coextro


    Your #1 Choice For Fiber Based Internet

    Our mission at Coextro is to provide consumers with high quality Internet at affordable prices with a focus on customer experience and satisfaction. Coextro is Internet without limits. With a back-bone running on blazing fast Fiber Optics, Coextro provides you with world class reliability and speed. Experience lightning-fast internet and endless possibilities with our reliable service.
    Our internet services come with no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and no data caps. Choosing Coextro internet guarantees a smooth and hassle-free internet experience.

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