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Fullerton FiberCity™, CA
Internet Service Providers

Fullerton FiberCity™ provides residents and businesses throughout the city with a choice of exceptional Internet Service Providers all with excellent customer service levels and competitive pricing. You can find out about your Internet Service Providers below.

  • GigabitNow

    Get the fastest Internet speeds available without data caps or speed throttling starting at just $60 a month!  Stream, Play, Work, or Learn, all using the most reliable and affordable Gigabit Internet available.

    GigabitNow has been delivering Internet service to communities across the west coast for over 28 years and prides ourselves on the ultimate Internet experience with the fastest Internet speeds, exceptional reliability, and 24-hour customer service focused on providing the best Internet possible. We offer the best speeds at the best price for residents and a wide scale of Internet and Cloud services to business and enterprise customers.  GigabitNow is the solution for all of your Internet needs, large or small.  Check us out at!

  • Ting

    Ting Internet is part of Tucows, a quietly successful Internet company founded in 1993 that built its reputation delivering products people really want, and an outstanding customer experience. Ting builds, operates, and provides service on Fiber networks in select markets across the U.S., and has differentiated itself from its competition by offering crazy fast symmetrical gigabit Fiber internet access, a deep local presence, and genuinely human customer support. Fullerton will be Ting’s eighth market, and first in southern California. Learn more about Ting Fullerton at